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State-of-the-Art Programming & KeyCreator Software

When it comes to designing new tools, innovative software is of the utmost importance. At Clifford H. Jones, Inc., we utilize a variety of cutting edge programming to create high-quality molds and tooling. With the use of this specialized equipment, we're able to build tools that are sure to enhance all of your projects.

Expert Engineering Services

Where Superior Quality Begins

• 5 PC CAD stations, with digitizing capabilities and KeyCreator software give us the ability to import our customers part geometry/solid model, or create a design to expedite the design phase.
• Sophisticated designs for difficult parts-complex shapes, threads, tapers, engravings, and logos.
• Experienced engineering staff analyzes your product design for cost-saving modifications.
• All tools designed for estimated part life, and for ease of use and maintenance.
• Cost-effective, time-saving prototypes using low cost interchangeable inserts.
• In depth, professional product consultation.
• From concept to completion on new product designs, including assistance in selection of type of mold, raw material and production method.
• State-of-the-art CNC programming system with Work NC software allow us to produce 2 & 3 axis mill programs and 2 & 4 axis wire EDM programs.
• Experienced, knowledgeable programmers.
• All program and design information stored on electronic media produces fast recall for future job reproductions or alterations.

Plastics Engineering Software

Our PC CAD station comes equipped with digitizing capabilities and both KeyCreator software. This combination gives us the ability to import the unique geometry or solid model of your part. We can even create a new design to expedite this phase. By utilizing this software, we're able to create sophisticated designs for even the most difficult parts, including complex shapes, threads, tapers, engravings, and logos.

In addition to our PC CAD station, we also use a CNC programming system with Work NC software. This allows us to produce 2- and 3-axis mill programs, as well as 2- and 4-axis wire EDM programs. Rest assured, your long-lasting tools will be easy to use, as we design all of our tools for estimated part life and ease of use.

Custom, Affordable Designs

Along with our specialized equipment, we also strive to provide affordable design services. During a product consultation, our team of expert engineers will analyze your products for cost-saving modifications. When building new tools, we make sure to create only affordable prototypes by using low-cost interchangeable inserts. We work with clients from conception to final design, helping you select the most cost-effective materials. All program and design information is stored on an electronic database, storing your design for future reproductions or alterations.