EDM Flush Fittings

  Clifford H. Jones, Inc., a leading mold designer and builder, has developed the first flush fittings kit specifically designed for EDM equipment. This innovative product solves the problem of locating suitable substitutes at automotive, hobby or plumbing supply houses, or producing makeshift fittings from tubing. EDM users will immediately recognize the benefits of having the right part for the job, and the savings in time and money resulting from keeping this handy kit in stock.       

   Manufactured from engineering grade plastic, each 96 piece kit contains: 1/4" to 3/16" reducer,  3/16" to 1/8" reducer, 1/4" tee, 3/16" tee, 1/4" flush fitting, 3/16" flush fitting, 1/8" flush fitting, 1/16" flush fitting, 12 pc. of each. To use the fittings, all that is required is to drill a hole in the electrode; no reaming or taping for threads is necessary. All components fit directly on all makes of EDM equipment.


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